Galaxy Finance

What is GFT & GLF?

GALAXY FINANCE will be the galaxy for multitude of unique financial products. GALAXY FINANCE products will be linked to its token, the $GFT & $GLF Token, in the quest to re-create the true meaning of DeFi finance.

Token specs

Token Name
Token Ticker
Token Type
Token Supply
Contract Address

Cases of use:

  • GFT token holders can generate passive income by staking their tokens in the staking pools and receive rewards in return - See Staking section.
  • GFT token can holders can farm LP tokens - See Farming Section
  • GFT token can be used to cast NFTs - See NFTs section.
  • GFT token holders can participate in the platform’s governance by proposing and voting for changes.
  • GFT token holders can perceive Trading Protocol fee discounts
  • And much more to come